A house with X-factor - "Lille Fejringhus" in Denmark is for sale

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Description of "Lille Fejringhus”- Denmark

A work of art - A sculpture - A philosophy - An architectural masterpiece - Framework for a lifestyle

A very small village with just a few houses was called FEJRING – probably derived from a Norwegian word. Translated into English it is Celebration. Then in English “Little Celebration House”. It is built by artist and designer Asbjorn Lonvig for his family and work - in state of the art materials - without regard to costs. Asbjorn Lonvig has chosen to enjoy his otium after for three decades having been practicing his artistic and design work in "Lille Fejringhus" and achieving more than he might respect. Exhibited at museums around the world - as the highlight was the world's most prestigious art museum Museum of Modern Art in New York and he has designed for Bang & Olufsen's, at a time the company still was a world brand.

You buy a feeling. You encounter the unique atmosphere already in the entrance area with a view of a meter-high room with windows in the ridge line and from the ceiling-to-floor windows in the gable. Spiritual and uplifted as you enter a Danish village church, where the organ plays Strawberry Fields Forever. When you walk around the house, you feel like an adventure journey in architectural details.
Insight you observe several lighting, water-cut walls with exquisite art etc. Where Poul Henningsen, Børge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Piet Hein, H. J. Wegner and other glitteratis. With calm and filled with joy, you feel an urge to sit down and and just feeling the atmosphere of the rooms. Ready to embrace your life - with colorful simplicity.

Eva Redekop, Journalist at Berlinske Tidende, Danish major newspaper, visited the house and wrote: "In the twilight seen from the garden, it looks like a ship rushing forward out of the dream blue nothing that carries sparkling ladies and dark, gallant men with movie star stature rolling with burning passion in the crystal-lit lounges without sweating. If you only look at the low white sleep flew with the small windows, one thinks of the Mediterranean, and for a moment you sit with your back against the sun-drenched wall, and breathe the exciting aromas of the air. But if you look at the house in the sharp Danish December light and in a completely sober state, then you see it as one of these modern churches, yes, right in the middle of the brown-knotted, newly developed area in Hedensted near Vejle ”

Lille Fejringhus” is located at the end of Fejringhusvej in Fejring (near Hedensted) out to large park-like permanent open space with bridge over Tange Creek, small forest area and towards SE path system through the beautiful Tange Creek Valley area ending at Lille Dalby and the Hedensted Golf Club's driving range, the Golf Pay & Play full rated 9 hole course, and the main 18 hole course. Tange Creek Valley and the small forest area at the end of it has a rich wildlife including many bird species and even deer are seen in the area. The garden is open in the SE and SV - inspired by Frank Lloyds Wright's houses in Oak Park, Chicago. 3 high hedges for NV, NE, and SE. One is  "Egeskov-inspired" and 3 meter in height.
The neighborhood is very quiet. School, recreation center, kindergarten, nursery, ballroom, soccer field and playground are within walking distance.

Commuter Distances
Within approx. one hour of car driving you can reach Aarhus, Silkeborg, Brande, Herning, Billund, Kolding, Fredericia, Middelfart, Odense Vejle and Horsens. In 45 minutes you are at the International Airport in Billund. There are 50+ flights departing from Billing. Among which are all the European capitals.
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Design / Drawing
Same process as the creation of Asbjørn Lønvig sculpture at E45. Continuously drawn and built in model. The architectural work has been done by Ginnerup Arkitechitects.

Water cut and white painted. Double walls. Partitions are bricked. Everything is bricked (...according to builder Orla Kjeld Bothe bricks to 11 ordinary houses). Asphalted 300 square meter courtyard, yard and double carport with pearl gravel at the top. 2 Ø25 blue columns in front of carport. In addition, extra parking space with stable gravel under grass, for 2 - 4 cars.

Large covered entrance with clinker (30 square meters), with 3 blue Ø25 columns, 1 wooden terraces with exit, 2 cobbled terraces (genuine cobblestones) with exit, one facing SE with 10 square meters the other under roof with 25 square meters, 2 with the house built clinker-built wooden houses for warehouse and annex.

Buildings inside
The covered entrance area goes inside the main door into the hall with toilet. All with the same type of clinker. The house consists of 5 wings forming an H - in several staggered plans. Ceilings for chicken. Aprox. 400 square meters under roof.
Wing SV: sleeping area / toilet / shower / "whirlpool" and living room with open fireplace. Trip-Trap plank floor in living room.
Wing NW: Library and 3 large rooms with toilet/shower and private entrance. Trip-Trak plank floor in library and carpets in rooms.

Wing in the middle: Dining room with specially designed aluminum window section with tower and lighting for kitchen with fantastic brickwork. Trip-Trap bright lye-treated plank floor. Kitchen with specially designed cooking island and extractor hood. Scullery with tiles.

Wing SE I: "Knight's Hall" approx. 75 square meters, with 10 x 1 meter skylights - with 20 windows in tilt and indirect lighting on ceiling, ceiling for floor 1 meter wide window section in gable 10 windows. Trip-Trap brightly lacquered plank floor along the room. Music events have emphasized a fantastic acoustics in the "Knight's Hall".

Wing SE II: 100 square meters with living area (50 square meters) with pool table, dart other activities. Work space (50 square meters).

Storage room with workplace and approx. 80 shelf meters, 60 cm wide.

The decor outside and inside might be included.

2800 square meters. Designed by the landscape gardening firm Nygaard, Horsens, where it was Bent Nygaard himself who designed and built the garden. Maintained by the landscaping company Per Rønholdt, Ulbækhus.

Lille Fejringhus has been praised in articles in the major Danish newspapers, in local newspapers, magazines worldwide - including a Japanese magazine.

Other facts:

Warm up
Electric panels, heat pump, fireplace, district heating - heat consumption halved over the last 5 years. Computer-controlled wireless Danfoss thermostats, independent wireless computer control of floor heating. District heating is green, where CO2 emissions have halved over the last 5 years.

Contacts are centrally controlled pushbuttons, a total of 20 spot lamps in ceilings distributed across all rooms, and in the "knight hall" indirect light, spot spotlights pointed up the ceiling with 35 strong spots. However pretty expensive.
Outdoor lighting is LP quartz moon and Mogens Hansen as well as in the driveway Asbjorn Lonvig's own lamp design.

Falck has installed a comprehensive Verisure alarm system consisting of camera detectors, vibration detectors, and fire alarms, which are in direct two-way contact with the alarm center. The alarm center can monitor the situation in the house via the cameras.

Everything is maintained to the newly built standard. Window glass has been switched to energy-saving 3-layer glass.



A Company Guesthouse and Conference

A Company House for the CEO

A Private Mansion - Luxurious Accommodation

Business Domicile

Museum of Digital Art

Art Museum


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