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The Burke/Lonvig Model web site has 3 headers:
"Burke/Lonvig Model in Action",
"Burke/Lonvig in General", and

"Psychology in General"

Burke/Lonvig Model in Action

It consists of an important slide show about the Burke/Lonvig Model Concepts and Facilities.
The two major issues in Concept and Facilities are REALIZATION and INSPIRATION.

In Concepts and Facilities there are 20 important issues to address - shown below.
You can download the 20 important REALIZATION issues in a REFERENCE CARD (in letter or in A4 format) and you can download the Lazy Green Q Dog (in letter or in A4 format).



You were taught that Green Q behaviour was not always appropriate.


The Green Q of your brain has become lazy – it has not been used or it has not been used very often or to its full extent. Use it and your capacity to work in the Green Q will rise dramatically...


You fundamentally have equally the same MENTAL skills for working in the Green Q as had Rembrandt and Einstein. You probably just did not know?


You will always reach the tipping point - that’s when you got this new idea, that you sought and you feel comfortable about it.
It’s a feeling of calm in your stomach and total satisfaction.


YOU MUST STAY in the Frustration Phase until you reach the tipping point. The Frustration Phase is the most creatively productive phase of all.
There are 1.000.000 excuses to leave the Frustration Phase.


Being Frustrated, in Low Spirits or in a Bad Mood is the best point of departure in order to achieve highest quality of your work.


Don’t confuse Being Frustrated, in Low Spirits or in a Bad Mood  with the medical expression depression, which is a mental state that does not allow any action at all to be taken. You do not have the ability.
Professional help is mandatory.

REALIZE - 8, 9, 10

Be aware when you leave your Rational Self (the Blue Q), your Self keeping Self (the Yellow Q), and the Feeling Self (the Red Q).


Working in the Green Q demands your full attention.


Be aware of the Lazy Green Q Dog – take brakes of 5 to 15 minutes for example every hour.


Be aware of the Lazy Green Micro Q Dog – take Micro Brakes of 5 – 15 seconds when possible.


Realize the dangers of the Green Q Euphoria.


If necessary train your Lazy Green Q Dog to bark once Every Hour.


Don’t use any mental energy defending you work when you are in the Green Q.


When you work in the Green Q no evaluation of quality of your product can take place.


The only insurmountable obstacle in letting yourself work In the Green Q is YOUR LACK OF CONFIDENCE in REALIZATION.


YOU MUST keep track of IT application developments in your field continuously.


“Solve unsolvable problems by enhancing your creativity”.



One part of the inspiration to participants are Cases and Tasks based on Asbjorn Lonvig's Art and Assignments. The Cases and Tasks are not constructed for educational purposes - they are real.
Asbjorn Lonvig works in the genre Colorful Simplicity. His artist statement is "Colorful Simplicity in Art as in Life". Every single motif has undergone a process, where highest
possible simplicity is attempted achieved and after that the most bright colors possible are chosen.
When you see Asbjorn Lonvig's art, house, garden, and life from outside it is very zen-inspired.
Zen means meditation.
Zen is sensuality, aesthetics and balance.
It is the intense experience of the moment and the ability to focus at the moment.
With Zen the soul senses everything, and detail steps forward in all its beauty.
See more about Zen at Zen and Zen Quotes.

Case Studies
A number of Case Studies in slide shows based on Asbjorn Lonvig's art work and assignments.

Exercise Tasks
Exercise Tasks are exercises performed online shown on a wide screen by Asbjorn Lonvig.
The purpose of the Exercise Tasks are to show how brand new IT tools can support creativity.
Enhancement of creativity thus is indeed also a question about finding ways that each participant continuously are updated about new IT initiatives and new IT products.

Considers how far IT has brought us till now.
The importance of the personal computer and the internet in the field of bringing about tools to enhance creativity can not be overrated.
Try to recall the IT developments that have taken place during the existence of the personal computer and the internet.
And then.
Imagine the future with a foreseen exponential growth in this field of tools to enhance creativity.
Sure there is a great challenge to all organizations to establish reliable procedures to ensure the right employees are supplied with the right information.

lide show, that describes each exercise task, can easily be downloaded (click on the dot* "Slide Show" on the line of the exercise you have in mind. If you feel more comfortable with a textbook with the same contents as the slide show, just click on the dot* "Print Slide Show".
The purpose of
the exercise task slide shows is, that the participant - after the seminar is finished in peace and quiet - can performs the exercise tasks themselves on their own computer.

Inspirational Cases
Inspirational Cases are comprehensive slide shows designed for particular events.

Green IT

In Green IT the Green IT aspects of this web site is described.
Green IT is defined like this: T
he study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. The primary objective of such a program is to account for the triple bottom line, an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational (and social) success.
In the left side you can choose slides shows in the categories Case Studies, Exercise Tasks, Inspirational Only and Green IT for seminar use and the slide shows and prints of the slide shows are teaching materials. Both are available online.
Due to this design philosophy of keeping lectures and teaching material online the Burke/Lonvig Model requires a huge lot of server space.
The Burke/Lonvig Model therefore is placed on a server in the Planet Data Center in Dallas, Texas, where additional server space is available on demand.
Right now the Burke/Lonvig Model has a 10,000 MB server space at its disposal and it has a bandwidth of 100,000 MB.
Download must be relatively fast.
As a seminar participant or an instructor you need not be aware of the technical specifications on the server.
The only thing you need to know is that the Burke/Lonvig Model
is available on the internet on the website address (URL)

Burke/Lonvig in General
is about Organisational Psychologist Stephen Joseph Burke and artist, designer, fairy tale writer, and software engineer Asbjorn Lonvig, their new Model, a little about the logo, which is a mandala, too. Finally the model is discussed as a tool in CRISES management.

Psychology in General
tells about the theoretical background for Burke/Lonvig Model.

Issues like Carl Gustav Jung, Analytical Psychology,Industrial Psychology,
and the Cognitive Profile Model by Dr. Lois Breur Krause, Clemson University, SC, USA
are discussed.

*) The DOTs


Click on the blue dot to the left under "Slide Show" and download each Case Study,
Exercise Tasks, Inspirational Only
or Green IT slide show.
When the slide show is downloaded you can
execute it on your own computer.
You can print a slide show by clicking the blue dot "Print Slide Show" in the middle.
You download a .pdf file, which is read and then written by Adobe Reader.
If you do not have PowerPoint installed on you computer you can use - a free software - see below for further information.
If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it, its a free software, too.
Finally you can click on the right dot "Guide" meaning guiding you out on the internet to see the art works from the Burke/Lonvig Model in alternative environments.

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If you click on the blue dot, the slide show is online.
This facility is for future use mainly.

If you do not have an fast computer and a fast internet
performance will decline.
               In 1 years or so faster computers and  faster internet will give you a satisfactory performance.

© Copyright Stephen Joseph Burke and Asbjorn Lonvig

How it works? - Improve your creativity dramatically
Psychology - Art - IT  - conducted in seminars by Burke and Lonvig
How it works? - Improve your creativity dramatically
Psychology - Art - IT  - conducted in seminars by Burke and Lonvig
How it works? - Improve your creativity dramatically
Psychology - Art - IT  - conducted in seminars by Burke and Lonvig
How it works? - Improve your creativity dramatically
Psychology - Art - IT  - conducted in seminars by Burke and Lonvig